Top 5 Rock Remixes Of 2018

Top 5 Rock Remixes Of 2018

A lot of popular rock bands add remixes as reward tracks on songs and albums. Some remixes are made entirely independently. Here are some of the very best rock remixes made from the 80’s┬áto today.


Nine Inch Nails vs. The Beatles – “Come Closer Together” (DJ Zebra Mashup).

Though this is technically a “mashup,” this remixed tune combines Nine Inch Nails 1994 hit “Closer” with The Beatles 1969 traditional “Come Together” to make the 2 excellent songs mesh perfectly. French DJ Zebra produced this mashup which perfectly integrates the two tunes on “Come Closer Together” which you can listen to here (NSFW).


A Perfect Circle – “The Outsider” (Renholder Armageddon Remix).

A Perfect Circle’s 2004 aMOTION remix CD consisted of “The Outsider” (Renholder Apocalypse Remix). Probably the very best remix on the album previous is by previous Nine Inch Nails sideman turned producer Danny Lohner. His extensive mix keeps much of the tune’s initial tracks but augments the tune with extra instrumentation, effects, and innovative rearrangement.


Linkin Park – Numb (Nimra Remix)

Linkin Park’s album 2002 Reanimation is a remixed variation of 2000’s Hybrid Theoryalbum with special visitors and a number of non-album tracks. …